Sunday, October 2, 2011

Weekend Frivolity

I actually had a decently eventful weekend, well I mean eventful to me is probably not the same as most college students.  Friday night Kat, Matt, and I took a trip to the fancy schmancy Showcase Cinemas de lux at Patriots Place to finally watch the Lion King in 3D!! ME GUSTA MUCHO.  I have decided they should rerelease all Disney classics to the big screen because it was great!  Thanks to my awesome dad we only had to pay the $4.50 3D charge rather than $15.50 each, which is actually INSANE.  If we wanted to sit in the luxury recliner type seats that would have been $22.50!  I'm going to send every complaining Gardner resident to Foxboro from now on so that they can appreciate the amazingness of the GC.  Come on people, $5 for a matinee is super cheap.  People bug me.  So anyways, after the movie Kat and I were determined to go get ice cream at our new favorite ice cream spot, Crescent Ridge Dairy, in Sharon.  We had a limited amount of time to get there before it closed and Matt kept trying to convince us just to go to Baskin Robins but we were determined.  Plus we both had been talking about that ice cream all week and refused to be let down by a chain ice cream place.  Luckily we made it there with fifteen minutes to spare after hiking through the back woods of Sharon.  Okay, maybe we were in the car so we didn't actually hike. Whatever.  Stop judging my use of words.  We excitedly ate ourselves sick! YAY!  I had some delicious Black Bear, which is black raspberry ice cream with chocolate chips and raspberry truffles. YUM.  I WANT MORE.

Oh hey, it's an aerial shot of Greenland
   Saturday consisted of a lot of homework and studying, but later that night I donned my best sweatpants and headed over to Kat's room to watch Bridesmaids.  I love that movie so much.  Seeing as I looked so darn classy with my hair frizzy from the half rain and my pink GC shirt and turquoise sweatpants, it was only fitting that Helena picked last night to bring friends back from work.  Kat looked equally classy so it made me feel slightly better.  They asked us where the good parties were at, to which neither one of us had an answer given that we were spending our night locked in a room of an all girls dorm while wearing pajamas.  They soon left us to resume our less than exciting night.

Since I couldn't get a picture of my deer friends, here is one of Santa's 
   Today I woke up bright and early for a Target trip and then returned for more homework and such.  Later I took a lovely walk around the Norton side streets and ended up discovering three deers chilling on campus.  I tried to get close enough to take a picture but they started to look nervous and twitchy.  I backed off and let them enjoy their grass.  And so here I am, getting ready for the start of another week.  BUUTT this weekend is October break and I'm really excited for it's longness! I will also get to see some people in person that I haven't seen in a while! YAY!

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