Thursday, September 29, 2011

Thursday Fun

  Why good evening blog, I'm sorry I procrastinated/didn't have time for you all week.  BUUTT I'm making time now as I sit here listening to some sweet rap music coming from the dorm next door.  It's lovely.  So anyways, this week has been filled with procrastination, which is not usually like me, but it happened anyways.  Today, however, was filled with productive procrastination! I dusted, changed my sheets, and did laundry all in the same day! That's for sure a record for me. I guess I did what I could to put off the inevitable pile of homework that always seems to be looming over me.

  Since I love to eat so much, it only makes sense that I talk about the AMAZING sandwich I ate for lunch today.  I even took a picture! Unfortunately my camera cord is mysteriously missing so my descriptions of it's deliciousness and giantness will have to do for now.  I decided that I would splurge today and buy my lunch from the ridiculously over-priced cafe.  I mean seriously, $6 for a college cafe sandwich?  I could get a foot long at subway for that much! DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH SANDWICH IS IN A FOOT OF BREAD!? DO YOU!!!??? Okay, I'm going to calm down now, because after all, it was a good sandwich.  I was offered either freshly baked bread, or sliced, bagged bread, and since I was splurging I went for the fresh baked stuff.  Good choice might I add.  It was a yummy mountain of tuna, lettuce, pickle slices, american cheese, and fluffy bread. Worth the Lyon's Bucks spent.  That was by far the highlight of my day.  That and skyping with Katie.  Woot.

Please Enjoy This Irrelevant Photo of a Tiny Kitty
  And another week of my sophomore year is almost over!  This weekend I will be snacking on ice cream, watching the Lion King, meeting my new Best Bud at the matching party on Saturday, and of course studying and doing homework.  Sounds solid.  

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