Friday, September 23, 2011

Because I Have So Much Free Time...

   So here goes, I have decided to blog. Who knows if this will actually last since I have EPIC amounts of free time to be blogging, but Katie, Julie, and Jessica all have one, so I figure why not.  THAT'S RIGHT JESSICA GET YOUR BLOG ON!  Please excuse my lack of grammar skills in advance, there is a reason I am not an English major anymore.  So I guess I can just write about my days (which are always so interesting) as I attempt to eat good food, get a solid nights sleep, keep in touch with my favorite people (you know who you are!), and attempt to become a psychologist.  You are in for a good time, let me tell you.

these are cupcakes. and are completely unrelated to this post.  enjoy them anyways.
  So what happened today? Nothing like the awkward first blog, right? Anyways, today I woke up, went to my two favorite classes and drove home.  As I got in Blue car this afternoon to drive home, I took a look at how much gas was left in my car.  There was probably about a quarter of a tank, and I sat there figuring I could go be responsible and drive an extra two minutes out of my way to get gas ooorrrr I could just risk it and try to get home.  Since I'm the laziest person I know, I chose the second option.  It was risky but I am not currently sitting on the side of 495 gasless, so taking the chance was worth it.  Proud with this accomplishment I decided to stop at Barnes and Noble to get a pumpkin spice latte BECAUSE THOSE THINGS ARE DELICIOUS.  So I dug into the depths of my wallet to find my barnes and noble gift card which said I had 8ish dollars left on it. Turns out it lied.  I went through the thought process, hmm should I bring my wallet in just in case? nahhh there's eight bucks on this thing!!  Turns out, there wasn't and I owed 44 cents that I then I had to run back out to my car and get.  It was swell. And of course while I'm ordering there is absolutely no one around, but as soon as I run back in with my 44 cents, there is a line of about five people waiting for me.  I almost made a joke about me being a poor college student, but the stares of the middle aged women waiting for there tall skinny mocha extra carmel whipped creamed lattes didn't seem to be in the mood for jokes.  So instead I embarrassedly handed over my change and ran out of there.  I will now bring my wallet everywhere. It was a solid day.


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