Friday, October 28, 2011

Disappointed in society

Why do people bug me so much? Oh right, because they are annoying.  I'm sitting here listening to the thumping bass of "Shots" being blasted from another building, and yes, I can hear every lyric.  Are your windows open, you may be asking? NO.  This is why I strongly dislike people.  I understand it is a Friday night of Halloween weekend and you are all college students with the main goal of tonight being to get so drunk that you will never remember this ever again, BUT I DON'T WANT TO LISTEN TO YOUR CRAPPY MUSIC OR HEAR YOU YELLING OR HEAR YOU AT ALL!  I actually would like to punch you all in the face for being stupid.

 Okay, maybe I'm being a little bit too old lady like, but I do often get annoyed at people's lack of consideration for others, and I don't just mean here on this campus, but in life in general.  But seeing as I am currently on a college campus in very close proximity to my peers, I think that that lack of consideration just becomes exaggerated.  Unfortunately my room is located a good 6 feet away from a very loud dorm. There have been many times that I'll be studying in my room on a Tuesday at 4, and suddenly the music starts blaring.  I mean really, it's Tuesday, can we not?  Why do we as a society not find it important to teach our children about how our actions affect other people?  I sincerely do not understand that.  Play your music, really, go for it, just at a reasonable level please.  Maybe so I can't hear it.  I'm pretty sure you can't hear mine.  I feel bad scraping my chair against the floor during the early hours of the morning because I know the people downstairs can absolutely hear it.  I grasp that just because it doesn't bother me, doesn't mean it isn't bothering other people, I'm not sure why that thinking has been left out of so many people's upbringings.  So thanks Mom and Dad, you rule.

In fact, just today I took a trip to Barnes and Noble to buy a nerdy psychology book on teenage girls, and there happened to be some construction in the plaza which coincided with rush hour.  Therefore, there was a lot of waiting to get out of the parking lot, meaning a lot of niceness was necessary for people to take turns going.  I pulled out of my parking space, unconcerned since I did not have any particular time constraints, so I just jammed to a little T Swizzle and waited to move.  Before I knew it the lady in front of my was attempting to pull out into the traffic, but the old guy already in the line of traffic was not having any of it.  They got into a sort of battle, up to the point that they were yelling at each other through cracked windows, their cars dangerously close to each other.  They both just kept inching forward, unwilling to let the other person win.  I just  shook my head at the scene, disappointed at life.  Another innocent lady behind the old man caught my head shaking and just laughed at me.  We had a motioned conversation of disbelief as we watched the scene unfold.  In the end we both threw our hands up in a united shrug.  Eventually, the old cranky guy won, and the nice normal lady let me go out in front of her. Because she was nice.  Who knows, maybe she had some place to go, someone to see, but she took 3 seconds out of her day to be kind.  I thanked her with a wave and mouthed a sincere thank you, just thinking, shouldn't this just be how it works for everyone?  Why are we all so determined to be nasty, inconsiderate people?  I will remember that nice woman for a long time, just because she laughed with me and understood my annoyance.  I wish I could tell people like that how much better they make me feel about the world.  Shouldn't that be how we all want to be remembered?  Not because we almost got in a car accident because we were idiots, or because we disturbed a hard working student's studying and sleeping habits, but because we were just genuinely kind, considerate human beings?  If only it were that simple, right?

Instead, I'm listening to unnecessarily loud music.  If only I had a lit match....just kidding, kind of.  Okay, I guess burning down the dorm building would be rather inconsiderate of me, now wouldn't it?  So my one suggestion to those who ever plan on being parents, teach your children that your actions do not just affect you, but a lot of other people too.  The world doesn't revolve around you and your needs and desires.  Teach them to pay attention to how others are feeling, and to simply be kind people.  Because someday they will grow to be people that let teenage girls pull in front of them in traffic, and that teenage girl will be very grateful and happy to know that maybe there are still some nice people out there. this is what I was listening to...mind you this is the clean version.

Thursday, October 27, 2011


Happy Halloween Weekend Yall!! There are so many other things I could/should be doing. OH WELL. Today was gross and rainy and cold and work filled.  Although my roommate just gave me a rejected snickers, which made my night slightly more delicious. I got a huge chunk of my Kelly paper done though, so YAY! Technically that paper isn't due until right before Thanksgiving, but seeing as I have another paper to write and two other projects to do within that same span of time, I figured it's probably better to get this done!  I semi enjoy writing it.  I feel like I have to dislike it just because it's a paper, and there is just so much information to put in it, but I mean the subject is interesting, so it's quite a complex.  Other than that my life is just peaches and cream.  Or articles and statistics. either one.  But seriously, if I could murder statistics, there is a 100% chance that I would. My confidence interval would be REALLY large.

So here's a recap of my life in pictures!! It also includes yesterdays...

I made a salad in to go containers with WAY TOO MUCH dressing.
this looks gross. I'm sorry.

GIANT WATER BOTTLE! this thing has lasted me all week!
Huggy lady loves it.  Dwight is not as impressed.

Look at the productivity!

LOOK HOW CLEAN MY DESK IS! also note the pillow usage...thank you Jessica.

Oh, this explains why my desk is so neat.

Lunch consisted of a less than satisfying chick salad
sandwich and SCHWEET POTATOES! I'm just gearing up for Thanksgiving.  I'd make a
comment about the weird combo, but honestly, I have eaten a lot weirder combinations of
food here.

dear internship applications, please get off my desk and out of my life,  you annoy me
like sleet in October. -__-

Have a wonderful Friday! GOOD LUCK KATIE!! I hope you read this before you exam thingamabob.  if not,  well I'm sure you did splendid!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

educating yourself is obnoxious

Remember when school was all about playing and making friends?? Yeah, it's not so much like that anymore.  I find that annoying.  WHY MUST I ACTUALLY DO WORK AND LEARN!!!???? Anyways, today I basically sat on my uncomfortable desk chair from about noon until 5:30 doing homework, then I went to dinner, came back, and resumed my position.  It was a ton of fun.  I did take some nice pictures that really capture the loveliness of my cloudy day. but of course iphoto is stupid and is not letting me upload.  My blog is just destined to remain as unorganized as possible.  Well I'm going to do something non school related for a half an hour before I drift off to a sure to be restful and refreshing sleep...ha ha yeah ok.  Speaking of sleeping, I had a dream last night that I was eating ice cream.  That's it.  I mean yeah people popped in here or there and I called Kat to ask if she wanted me to bring some back to her, but it's all so normal....something is wrong when you question the normalness of your dreams.  well nighty night.  PICTURES TOMORROW, I promise. maybe. we'll see.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Dear Blog,

Sorry I have neglected you, but life is just too darn busy.  This is going to be a short post seeing as I can only procrastinate for so long.  here's some pictures!!

Here's a super old picture of my side of the looks nicer now.

That sandwich I LOVED SO MUCH


WOOBERRY! chocolate with white chocolate chips and coconut

Katie's pumpkin with golden grahams! YUM

I've skyped with Brys a few times...we always end up just dancing.

This pretty much sums up my life.  Homework and a cup of tea.

My roomie got a new poster! Me gusta! it matches my london one really well!

I received an awesome Halloween card from one Katie Burstall!

ugh, now back to work...

Friday, October 7, 2011

Like a twister in my mind, the restless dream we left behind...

GUESS WHOSE CAMERA CORD CAME IN TODAY!!?? Yeah, that's right, get ready for a picture explosion!!! or not probably, because I'm lazy and my camera is bulky, but it's a nice thought.  I don't really have many fun pictures to share with you, other than my tuna sandwich from last week.  SO EXCITING!

So I currently don't really have anything to do.  Correction, I have things to do, but they are not fun things.  So I decided to update the world on my life, or like three people, and listen to the new Jack's Mannequin CD on youtube.  I am actually ashamed that there was a point in my life when I was not crazy about this music.  Silly, young me.  Anyways,  I am a nice person and am morally supporting Kat on her drive to the airport tomorrow to pick up her friend, so therefore, I am not home right now, though I'm pretty sure the majority of the campus is now somewhere else in New England.  Oh well.  I suppose I'm okay with being a good friend for another 24 hours.

How about a nice calming friday picture?
Big news of the day...well besides the camera cord...I actually participated in adolescent psychology today! GO ME.  If you have been on facebook lately, it was in response to the Tide commercial I posted on Jessica's wall.   I forget exactly what I said, just something about it sending a bad message and whatnot.  Which it does.  It's stuff like that commercial that reminds me why I'm so fascinated in developmental psychology and the crazy expectations society has created for us all. Oh well for now I suppose.  I have also spent a large part of my week looking up volunteering opportunities for the summer and what not.  It's been overwhelming and scary to realize just how much the last summer of Harry Potter both literally and figuratively marked the last summer of my childhood.  I can never again have a summer  that is not filled with some sort of internship/major volunteering or work.  Can't I just be five again.  I don't want to grow up.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Halfway There

  Happy Wednesday! Only a few more days until the weekend! YEAH!  I think I have to start this by informing the world that I made the perfect oatmeal today.  Yes, it was perfect.  Usually I fail with the amount of sugar to put in it resulting in pockets of gross not sweetened oats.  But not today, people, not today.  So anyways, I woke up early and showered to then check my email and see that my professor is ill, which meant both my psych classes were cancelled.  I was only slightly upset that my two favorite classes were cancelled and not my boring Tuesday/Thursday ones, but hey, I cannot complain.  The thing is, I am new to this whole having a day off in the middle of the week business, so therefore instead of spending my morning being productive, I am writing this post.  I also took a walk.  I SHOULD NOT BE GIVEN TWO HOURS EXTRA TIME!! I'M NOT RESPONSIBLE ENOUGH! This might explain my mediocreness in life.

  Speaking of not being productive, I spent my evening watching Glee last night.  I tend to be less interested in the episodes that do not feature Blaine and Kurt.  I guess it's probably because they are actually the most realistic characters, and they are not constantly having diva-offs and quitting glee club because they are selfish.   My roommate is in love with Mike Chang so she spent the episode swooning, while I mostly wondered why Blaine was not in booty camp and not singing catchy pop songs. Also, why does Mr. Schuester/Matthew Morrison feel the need to say everything with that same serious, breathy tone.  He actually says every line the same way.  Am I the only one who has noticed this? Alllsooo, why did Mr. Shu sing Fix You? I love that song, but was disappointed that he was the soloist.  I do not enjoy Mr. Shu story lines.  WHERE IS BLAINE???!!!

  Okay, enough Glee talk, I have a statistics test that must be studied for...even though I've been studying since last week because I overestimated the difficulty of the concepts.  Why I thought mean, median, and range would need a weeks worth of studying, I do not know, but I guess it can't hurt to be over prepared.  Whatevs.  Enjoy your Wednesdays!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Weekend Frivolity

I actually had a decently eventful weekend, well I mean eventful to me is probably not the same as most college students.  Friday night Kat, Matt, and I took a trip to the fancy schmancy Showcase Cinemas de lux at Patriots Place to finally watch the Lion King in 3D!! ME GUSTA MUCHO.  I have decided they should rerelease all Disney classics to the big screen because it was great!  Thanks to my awesome dad we only had to pay the $4.50 3D charge rather than $15.50 each, which is actually INSANE.  If we wanted to sit in the luxury recliner type seats that would have been $22.50!  I'm going to send every complaining Gardner resident to Foxboro from now on so that they can appreciate the amazingness of the GC.  Come on people, $5 for a matinee is super cheap.  People bug me.  So anyways, after the movie Kat and I were determined to go get ice cream at our new favorite ice cream spot, Crescent Ridge Dairy, in Sharon.  We had a limited amount of time to get there before it closed and Matt kept trying to convince us just to go to Baskin Robins but we were determined.  Plus we both had been talking about that ice cream all week and refused to be let down by a chain ice cream place.  Luckily we made it there with fifteen minutes to spare after hiking through the back woods of Sharon.  Okay, maybe we were in the car so we didn't actually hike. Whatever.  Stop judging my use of words.  We excitedly ate ourselves sick! YAY!  I had some delicious Black Bear, which is black raspberry ice cream with chocolate chips and raspberry truffles. YUM.  I WANT MORE.

Oh hey, it's an aerial shot of Greenland
   Saturday consisted of a lot of homework and studying, but later that night I donned my best sweatpants and headed over to Kat's room to watch Bridesmaids.  I love that movie so much.  Seeing as I looked so darn classy with my hair frizzy from the half rain and my pink GC shirt and turquoise sweatpants, it was only fitting that Helena picked last night to bring friends back from work.  Kat looked equally classy so it made me feel slightly better.  They asked us where the good parties were at, to which neither one of us had an answer given that we were spending our night locked in a room of an all girls dorm while wearing pajamas.  They soon left us to resume our less than exciting night.

Since I couldn't get a picture of my deer friends, here is one of Santa's 
   Today I woke up bright and early for a Target trip and then returned for more homework and such.  Later I took a lovely walk around the Norton side streets and ended up discovering three deers chilling on campus.  I tried to get close enough to take a picture but they started to look nervous and twitchy.  I backed off and let them enjoy their grass.  And so here I am, getting ready for the start of another week.  BUUTT this weekend is October break and I'm really excited for it's longness! I will also get to see some people in person that I haven't seen in a while! YAY!