Friday, October 28, 2011

Disappointed in society

Why do people bug me so much? Oh right, because they are annoying.  I'm sitting here listening to the thumping bass of "Shots" being blasted from another building, and yes, I can hear every lyric.  Are your windows open, you may be asking? NO.  This is why I strongly dislike people.  I understand it is a Friday night of Halloween weekend and you are all college students with the main goal of tonight being to get so drunk that you will never remember this ever again, BUT I DON'T WANT TO LISTEN TO YOUR CRAPPY MUSIC OR HEAR YOU YELLING OR HEAR YOU AT ALL!  I actually would like to punch you all in the face for being stupid.

 Okay, maybe I'm being a little bit too old lady like, but I do often get annoyed at people's lack of consideration for others, and I don't just mean here on this campus, but in life in general.  But seeing as I am currently on a college campus in very close proximity to my peers, I think that that lack of consideration just becomes exaggerated.  Unfortunately my room is located a good 6 feet away from a very loud dorm. There have been many times that I'll be studying in my room on a Tuesday at 4, and suddenly the music starts blaring.  I mean really, it's Tuesday, can we not?  Why do we as a society not find it important to teach our children about how our actions affect other people?  I sincerely do not understand that.  Play your music, really, go for it, just at a reasonable level please.  Maybe so I can't hear it.  I'm pretty sure you can't hear mine.  I feel bad scraping my chair against the floor during the early hours of the morning because I know the people downstairs can absolutely hear it.  I grasp that just because it doesn't bother me, doesn't mean it isn't bothering other people, I'm not sure why that thinking has been left out of so many people's upbringings.  So thanks Mom and Dad, you rule.

In fact, just today I took a trip to Barnes and Noble to buy a nerdy psychology book on teenage girls, and there happened to be some construction in the plaza which coincided with rush hour.  Therefore, there was a lot of waiting to get out of the parking lot, meaning a lot of niceness was necessary for people to take turns going.  I pulled out of my parking space, unconcerned since I did not have any particular time constraints, so I just jammed to a little T Swizzle and waited to move.  Before I knew it the lady in front of my was attempting to pull out into the traffic, but the old guy already in the line of traffic was not having any of it.  They got into a sort of battle, up to the point that they were yelling at each other through cracked windows, their cars dangerously close to each other.  They both just kept inching forward, unwilling to let the other person win.  I just  shook my head at the scene, disappointed at life.  Another innocent lady behind the old man caught my head shaking and just laughed at me.  We had a motioned conversation of disbelief as we watched the scene unfold.  In the end we both threw our hands up in a united shrug.  Eventually, the old cranky guy won, and the nice normal lady let me go out in front of her. Because she was nice.  Who knows, maybe she had some place to go, someone to see, but she took 3 seconds out of her day to be kind.  I thanked her with a wave and mouthed a sincere thank you, just thinking, shouldn't this just be how it works for everyone?  Why are we all so determined to be nasty, inconsiderate people?  I will remember that nice woman for a long time, just because she laughed with me and understood my annoyance.  I wish I could tell people like that how much better they make me feel about the world.  Shouldn't that be how we all want to be remembered?  Not because we almost got in a car accident because we were idiots, or because we disturbed a hard working student's studying and sleeping habits, but because we were just genuinely kind, considerate human beings?  If only it were that simple, right?

Instead, I'm listening to unnecessarily loud music.  If only I had a lit match....just kidding, kind of.  Okay, I guess burning down the dorm building would be rather inconsiderate of me, now wouldn't it?  So my one suggestion to those who ever plan on being parents, teach your children that your actions do not just affect you, but a lot of other people too.  The world doesn't revolve around you and your needs and desires.  Teach them to pay attention to how others are feeling, and to simply be kind people.  Because someday they will grow to be people that let teenage girls pull in front of them in traffic, and that teenage girl will be very grateful and happy to know that maybe there are still some nice people out there. this is what I was listening to...mind you this is the clean version.

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