Friday, October 7, 2011

Like a twister in my mind, the restless dream we left behind...

GUESS WHOSE CAMERA CORD CAME IN TODAY!!?? Yeah, that's right, get ready for a picture explosion!!! or not probably, because I'm lazy and my camera is bulky, but it's a nice thought.  I don't really have many fun pictures to share with you, other than my tuna sandwich from last week.  SO EXCITING!

So I currently don't really have anything to do.  Correction, I have things to do, but they are not fun things.  So I decided to update the world on my life, or like three people, and listen to the new Jack's Mannequin CD on youtube.  I am actually ashamed that there was a point in my life when I was not crazy about this music.  Silly, young me.  Anyways,  I am a nice person and am morally supporting Kat on her drive to the airport tomorrow to pick up her friend, so therefore, I am not home right now, though I'm pretty sure the majority of the campus is now somewhere else in New England.  Oh well.  I suppose I'm okay with being a good friend for another 24 hours.

How about a nice calming friday picture?
Big news of the day...well besides the camera cord...I actually participated in adolescent psychology today! GO ME.  If you have been on facebook lately, it was in response to the Tide commercial I posted on Jessica's wall.   I forget exactly what I said, just something about it sending a bad message and whatnot.  Which it does.  It's stuff like that commercial that reminds me why I'm so fascinated in developmental psychology and the crazy expectations society has created for us all. Oh well for now I suppose.  I have also spent a large part of my week looking up volunteering opportunities for the summer and what not.  It's been overwhelming and scary to realize just how much the last summer of Harry Potter both literally and figuratively marked the last summer of my childhood.  I can never again have a summer  that is not filled with some sort of internship/major volunteering or work.  Can't I just be five again.  I don't want to grow up.

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