Thursday, October 27, 2011


Happy Halloween Weekend Yall!! There are so many other things I could/should be doing. OH WELL. Today was gross and rainy and cold and work filled.  Although my roommate just gave me a rejected snickers, which made my night slightly more delicious. I got a huge chunk of my Kelly paper done though, so YAY! Technically that paper isn't due until right before Thanksgiving, but seeing as I have another paper to write and two other projects to do within that same span of time, I figured it's probably better to get this done!  I semi enjoy writing it.  I feel like I have to dislike it just because it's a paper, and there is just so much information to put in it, but I mean the subject is interesting, so it's quite a complex.  Other than that my life is just peaches and cream.  Or articles and statistics. either one.  But seriously, if I could murder statistics, there is a 100% chance that I would. My confidence interval would be REALLY large.

So here's a recap of my life in pictures!! It also includes yesterdays...

I made a salad in to go containers with WAY TOO MUCH dressing.
this looks gross. I'm sorry.

GIANT WATER BOTTLE! this thing has lasted me all week!
Huggy lady loves it.  Dwight is not as impressed.

Look at the productivity!

LOOK HOW CLEAN MY DESK IS! also note the pillow usage...thank you Jessica.

Oh, this explains why my desk is so neat.

Lunch consisted of a less than satisfying chick salad
sandwich and SCHWEET POTATOES! I'm just gearing up for Thanksgiving.  I'd make a
comment about the weird combo, but honestly, I have eaten a lot weirder combinations of
food here.

dear internship applications, please get off my desk and out of my life,  you annoy me
like sleet in October. -__-

Have a wonderful Friday! GOOD LUCK KATIE!! I hope you read this before you exam thingamabob.  if not,  well I'm sure you did splendid!

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