Sunday, April 29, 2012

Princesses and Youtubers

heellloooooo. Happy Sunday! Five more days until I am done! yayayayayayayayay! It is slightly scary that I will be halfway done with college by the end of this week AND won't be returning to campus for nine months! Holy crap! My roommate and I came to the realization that the next time we see each other we'll be seniors. We then proceeded to have a shared panic attack over our bowls of soft serve. It lasted a pathetically long time.

So anyways, after a long Friday and Saturday morning and afternoon spent in the library, I shipped off to Wellesley to go to Kiera Cass' book signing. I have yet to actually read The Selection, but I have followed this lovely lady on youtube and twitter for at least three years, so it was super cool to meet her in person. She was just as awesome and nice as she seems online, and was even nice enough to snap this gem of a picture with us. We mentioned that we won a video contest from her a couple years back and she thanked us at least a million times and told us to tell Julie that she was still her homie. Her words, not mine. Not that I'm meeting celebs on the street every other day, and she's not exactly a celebrity, but it's still nice to meet someone to have it confirmed why you are such a big fan. Thanks Kiera you're the best!

So that's it for now, just trying to get everything done and stay motivated. 1 more week! 5 more weeks until Guat! I'm starting to get really excited and terrified! ha! well, stay awesome people.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Carbs and Caffeine

OH EM GEEEE HAPPY FRIDAY. I'm currently running on a ridiculous amount of carbs and caffeine. I'm feeling a crash coming later today. I'm semi hyped up at the moment due to all the sugar currently making its way through my body, which is not making for the most awesome study sesh here in the library, buuuuuut I'm doing my best. SEVEN MORE DAYS. SEVEN. I can do this. I hope. Ok, gotta get back to work now. Here is my life...minus my bagel, because well, I ate that before I took the picture. Please don't be too angry.

Oh also, just on a random note, I just witnessed a girl sit down on one of the library couches and wrap up in a quilt that has probably been in this library since 1900. Gross. This incident then made me question why the heck there is a quilt just chilling in the library. In case you want to nap? I have noticed this thing like 9182340239483029840 times, yet I've never questioned it before today. There are some things about this school that simply cannot be why the food sucks allll the time yet the dessert is like God reaching down from the heavens and hand making each and every cookie and brownie with fairy dust, rainbows, and magic, while puppies and unicorns prance along side him....but that is completely unrelated. I need to stop drinking caffeine.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

There was a request for pictures, and since the only pictures I can offer would be of my piles of papers and books, here's a picture of babeh Chester and regular Trevor. Ok, now I'm off to finish my outline for my ten page paper. eek. It's only worth 40% of my grade. NO BIG DEAL. I better make this good. In some uplifting news, I've brought the paper count down to two!! I originally have five, people, FIVE. Check out my productiveness. I'm pretty positive at least one of them is just kinda meh, but really I'm basically writing five at once so they probably aren't all gonna be stars. That's probably a bad attitude. Oh well. Ok, I'm really going now. Adios.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Oh hey there.

This is actually three weeks earlier than I planned on really updating this, but my morning class got cancelled and I'm feeling procrastinatey today, so here we are. I know it's slightly premature to be talking about the end of the semester, but with only three weeks of class left I figured it's semi acceptable. Looking back on the semester, the best way to describe it is probably....meh. It was not great, it was not horrible. But then again when I look back to the suckfest that was February, I kind of wonder how I got here in one piece. If I recall correctly there were more than a few mental and emotional breakdowns and enough stress to take at least five years off my life. Although, let's be real, the stress hasn't stopped just because February has. But despite how completely miserable I felt a few months back, here I am pretty breakdown free. Although, perhaps I spoke too soon since finals time is fast approaching. woops. You get the point. I settled into a routine, got closer to a couple people, and things got better. I often wonder how different this college experience would be if I had a different freshman year roommate and often question if I had the choice, would I change it. Maybe I'd have a stronger group of friends here, I don't know, but then again without that mess of a year, lessons would have gone unlearned and couple great people would still be strangers. And honestly, I wouldn't change those things in a million years.

Academically, I was challenged more than I have ever been before and though it still kind of sucks and has made me look homeless on more than one occasion, I'm stronger for it. But with that said, I'm ready for a break. It dawned on me yesterday that in just 3ish weeks I will be able to read a nonacademic book and watch as much tv as my mind can take before melting. I cannot describe in words how excited this made me. To be honest, the excitement level is probably not normal. More than anything I'm excited for the adventures that are coming up quicker than expected. I'm equally terrified and thrilled for my future time abroad in both Central America and Europe. Even though I live away from home the majority of the year and have adjusted to being more independent, I've never really been that far away or had to do so much on my own. I know this will all be one big learning experience that will make me more mature and probably more eager to travel the world.

Well I guess that's really it for now. I really should go use this time wisely. Should being the key word here. I'm not sure when I'll be able to update again since I have a bazillion papers and tests coming up fo finals, but I'll be back to share my stories from Guat. See ya then!

Saturday, April 7, 2012


Sorry this has been neglected all semester my three followers. So sorry. Don't worry though, as soon as this insanity is over I'll be back to blogging! I have to document all my future travels, right!? Okayy then, see y'all in May!!