Sunday, April 29, 2012

Princesses and Youtubers

heellloooooo. Happy Sunday! Five more days until I am done! yayayayayayayayay! It is slightly scary that I will be halfway done with college by the end of this week AND won't be returning to campus for nine months! Holy crap! My roommate and I came to the realization that the next time we see each other we'll be seniors. We then proceeded to have a shared panic attack over our bowls of soft serve. It lasted a pathetically long time.

So anyways, after a long Friday and Saturday morning and afternoon spent in the library, I shipped off to Wellesley to go to Kiera Cass' book signing. I have yet to actually read The Selection, but I have followed this lovely lady on youtube and twitter for at least three years, so it was super cool to meet her in person. She was just as awesome and nice as she seems online, and was even nice enough to snap this gem of a picture with us. We mentioned that we won a video contest from her a couple years back and she thanked us at least a million times and told us to tell Julie that she was still her homie. Her words, not mine. Not that I'm meeting celebs on the street every other day, and she's not exactly a celebrity, but it's still nice to meet someone to have it confirmed why you are such a big fan. Thanks Kiera you're the best!

So that's it for now, just trying to get everything done and stay motivated. 1 more week! 5 more weeks until Guat! I'm starting to get really excited and terrified! ha! well, stay awesome people.

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