Friday, April 27, 2012

Carbs and Caffeine

OH EM GEEEE HAPPY FRIDAY. I'm currently running on a ridiculous amount of carbs and caffeine. I'm feeling a crash coming later today. I'm semi hyped up at the moment due to all the sugar currently making its way through my body, which is not making for the most awesome study sesh here in the library, buuuuuut I'm doing my best. SEVEN MORE DAYS. SEVEN. I can do this. I hope. Ok, gotta get back to work now. Here is my life...minus my bagel, because well, I ate that before I took the picture. Please don't be too angry.

Oh also, just on a random note, I just witnessed a girl sit down on one of the library couches and wrap up in a quilt that has probably been in this library since 1900. Gross. This incident then made me question why the heck there is a quilt just chilling in the library. In case you want to nap? I have noticed this thing like 9182340239483029840 times, yet I've never questioned it before today. There are some things about this school that simply cannot be why the food sucks allll the time yet the dessert is like God reaching down from the heavens and hand making each and every cookie and brownie with fairy dust, rainbows, and magic, while puppies and unicorns prance along side him....but that is completely unrelated. I need to stop drinking caffeine.

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