Friday, August 31, 2012

r@mBl!nG 4 D@yZ

I have a large chunk of time on my hands without really anything of importance to do, so why not blog? I'd do some homework, but next week is core week, so I'll be ferrying off to Western Denmark for three days and then don't have regular classes when I return. So why start reading now if I'm just going to forget it a week from now? I'm so wise. I'm getting a little better at not stressing over the fact that I actually have free time. This whole free time while still being in college is a new concept to me, but I'm learning. AND I LOVE IT. I've decided that we, as in the world, needs to combine the European and American higher education systems to create a beautiful combination of learning. America is too intense, anddd the European, one assignment for the whole semester, seems, hmm I don't know, but combine them together and you get DIS. A nice blend of stress and time to experience life. Take note, Wheaton. But despite my brilliant suggestion, I'll return to Wheaton insanity in January. But until that time I'll just do some learning and eat more pastries.


Thursday, August 30, 2012

Dessert Crawl

Happy day after birthday to Kat. She's now officially a mature adult, as she is no longer a teenager. LOL. But anyways, thanks to the Burstall's inspirational Boston cupcake crawl, Kat and I decided to have our own dessert crawl through Copenhagen in honor of her 20th year of life. And if anyone is confused, a dessert crawl is exactly what you would think...we ate dessert all day. Probably the greatest idea known to man. Usually this refers to a pub crawl, in which you drink all night, buuuuut why do that when you can just eat dessert?

The day started off at a bakery in the city center for breakfast, and honestly I'm not sure of the name, since ya know, I'm in Denmark, but the selection of baked goods was pretty solid. We both chose some sort of strawberry pastry type thing. Basically it was chocolate covered cake, a cool whippy type substance and strawberry goo. Such a good start to the day. It was also required that no dessert could be left behind. This was easily accomplished, actually. Oh yeah, I also took a lurker shot of a dog. But go look at the picture, HOW COULD I NOT!? Do you see the bow in it's fur?? DO YOU SEE IT? 



I was obsessed with this dog. 

After sitting and recovering for a bit our celebratory day had to be interrupted by a visit to the Danish Resistance Museum for our Holocaust and Genocide class. It was actually pretty interesting since I really didn't know anything about Denmark's role in WWII. Turns out, about 6,000 troops volunteered to support the Nazis, yet there is only a monument honoring the 50ish soldiers who supported the Allied forces....they also don't mention it was only about 50. I guess we create the history we want, right? Not so different from the United States, though, so I'm not surprised. 

After that brief detour we continued our walk throughout the city, making our way to the Little Mermaid, which is probably the lamest famous landmark ever, but we had to go find it anyways. We also think we saw Sweden. There aren't any signs, like HEY that's Sweden, but we just assumed. 

on our way to the Little Mermaid



We walked for what felt like a million miles, but it was a nice day and we got to see more of Copenhagen, so it's all good. Then it was crepe time. We both got nutella and banana crepes from a guy with a cart, anddd got way too excited that the family in line in front of us was from Mexico. We have a slight Spanish obsession. The crepe guy was kinda obnox, mostly because I didn't feel like having awkward, trying to be funny, chit chat. I JUST WANTED MY CREPE. But all was forgiven when I ate it. Dear god, yum.

Next up was real dinner since we'd both just been eating dessert all day, and we knew we had to seriously plan and book our week off. Basically yesterday was the biggest success ever. Of Monsters and Men tickets were purchased. Look them up if you don't know them, porque I love them. Here, I did it for you. Plus our week off is pretty much set including Geneva, Switzerland, and Krakow, Poland. I'm pretty excited. We are both kind of bummed that Norway hiking didn't work out since it was a million dollars, but I guess the rest of Europe is pretty decent as well. 

Continuing with the last leg of the dessert crawl, the long awaited Belgian Waffle with ice cream. Sorry I don't have a picture, I forgot to stick the memory card back in my camera. Woops. But it was a beautiful sight. Warm powdered sugar waffle topped with soft serve. SO. GOOD. Two more dessert crawls have been scheduled for the semester, since it's actually the best idea in the world. Also, family if you show your lovely faces in Copenhagen, we'll just have to do this. Good way to see the city and eat dessert. Well that's my life currently, don't be too jealous of all the calories I consumed. 

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Weekend Festivities

I seriously feel like I'm living in 1999, you know, when we used to have to dial into the internet and then after a solid hour you could finally ask jeeves your burning questions. Or question, because another one would cost you another hour. Okayyyy, maybe I'm being dramatic, but seriously, the internet was better in Guatemala. That makes COMPLETE sense, right? This is only one of the richest countries in the world. Other than spotty, and sometimes painfully slow internet, my first weekend was quiet and relatively uneventful. I'm one step closer to being legal here though. yay. I also made some cool shoes. check it. 

So much craftiness in my life! LOL. Those gems were actually way more time consuming than anticipated, but a Saturday well spent. I also picked up my bike yesterday so now I can jet around with the Danes like a pro. Well kinda. I feel more than slightly pathetic that I get tired from biking around this flat city. Gotta work on the leg muscles. But it's a great way to get around in a short amount of time. Plus there is a basket on it, so on top of the efficiency, I'll look super presh. Just kidding, it's for practical purposes only. Like carrying around my puppy. And kittens. And occasionally my bunny. Now I just need the right key for my bike lock soooo hopefully no one steals my bike between now and tomorrow. That would make for one sad me. 

On this exciting Sunday I ventured to Kat's place of residence for some Ben and Jerry's. AMERICA. Double scoop of raspberry brownie and baked alaska. Solid choices on my part. Also, Kat didn't want to be photographed. Sorry I'm not sorry. 

Please note our bikes and baskets in the background

We also spent a lot of today struggling to get our week off travel plans down, becauseeee apparently life costs a lot of money that we don't have, soo our options are limited. So does anyone know anything about Switzerland? We'll see. The research continues. BUT Norway hiking is pretty much set so I'm super pumped since we've been talking about that trip forever. Can't wait to complain the whole way up. But I'm sure no matter what we actually do it'll be exciting and great so no stress. Although I am stressed that I've had so much free time in the last few days. Thanks, Wheaton. Now I'm actually stressed that I don't have so much work that I can barely stop to eat. THANKS FOR PUTTING THE FEAR OF SCHOOL IN ME. Alright, this is getting dramatic. First real week of school tomorrow. Wish me luck since I have to participate and whatnot. This is awful. No it's not, I'm in Copenhagen

Speaking of Copenhagen, here are some extra pics

these people love to bike

Thursday, August 23, 2012

First days and M&Ms

 I successfully survived the first day of classes! Go me. I went to my Holocaust and Genocide and Human Sexuality classes today, and they will definitely both be interesting in their own ways. We get to write a paper in my genocide class on any topic about any genocide we want, so as weird as it is to say, I'm actually kind of excited to find out more about Guatemala's genocide, since it's basically my favorite place in the world. I figure I might as well be informed about it and get credit all at the same time.   The workloads don't seem too crazy heavy, but I do know around midterms and finals time there will be a million things to do....but I guess this is still school, right? I'm just really scarred from last semester so I'm a little worried about diving right back into the books. But hey, my classes seem decent, soooo here goooeeessss. I think I'll save the fear for January.

I didn't have class until 1:15 today, and I got bored around 11, so I decided to wander over to the DIS area to try and find some of the random stuff I still needed to pick up. I made some pretty good finds at these home goods type of stores and was able to get myself some silverware and CRISPY M&Ms. I don't know if any you remember the crispy m&m from a million years ago but those things were MY FAVORITE, ANDDD they don't sell them anymore in the U.S. What's up with that America? I don't understand, but am really pleased that Denmark was smart enough to keep those bad boys around. I also bought some mini waffles from Holland, but have yet to try them. They are mini waffles, how can that possibly be bad? Answer: it can't.

Add caption

look at this handy sticker for sealing it shut. YOU SO SMART EUROPE

lunch from yesterday. Culinary GENIUS, right!?

In case anybody was worried I was going to starve, I can semi kind of maybe promise you I won't. I successfully cooked, or well it was a group effort...that group being Kat and Me, not that anyone was probably questioning that...anyways, we made ourselves a tofu, veggie, sweet and sour, spinach mix on a cheesy pita. I was too hungry to take a picture. Lo siento. Luckily enough we made enough for tonight, so that will be reconsumed over rice. yuum.

This is literally two steps outside my dorm

some of those white dots are swans. no big deal.

square/plaza right near DIS


Famous streettttt

Yesterday I was able to explore the city a little more, which was super awesome. I'm starting to really like it here, and am getting slightly more confident in being able to maneuver myself around various places. Although, I didn't navigate myself to the harbor yesterday, sooo just kidding. But I did get to see the most iconic little street thing of Copenhagen. Basically if you have ever goog imaged Copenhagen, that street and canal pops up. It's super cute in person so I'll definitely be returning for ice cream and nice scenery. Well I'm off to reheat dinner! Enjoy America.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Oops, I'm in Copenhagen

Oh hey, I'm in Denmark. Muy weird. Sorry, I just can't shake the Spanish. So it's been a few days now and I can't possibly recap everything, so here's just a general overview about the city so far. I live really close to the city center, actually. It's about a 10-15 minute walk for me to get to the main shopping streets, and maybe five more to get to my classes. From what I've seen, the city is beautiful! It kinda has a Parisy type look to it I suppose. Kinda, not really. It's hard to describe. Very European though. I love being right in the city and can't wait to explore more of it. Turns out there is a castle really close to where I live. Um, cool. And even though I can't see it from my room, there is a riverish thing right outside my building with a beautiful walkway. Prime location aqui.

The backside of my building, yo.
The Danes themselves are pretty much what I expected. Quiet, blonde, BEAUTIFUL. Seriously, these people aren't normal. I think this entire country was created by super models. They also dress amazingly well. Women both young and old are riding around on their bikes in dresses and nice shoes, all while looking beautiful. Come Saturday I'll be doing the same thing, except sweaty and tired looking. It seems like everyone rides bikes here, which seems like such a great way to get around...and to stay healthy. I'm not surprised all the Danes are skinny too. So no diabetes here, just cirrhosis and lung cancer. No big. Anyways, even though I've heard the Danish people were a little cold, most people seem really friendly and willing to help. I've asked at least a million people for directions and even asked a woman today if I was holding milk (turns out yogurt containers look strangely like milk). Thankfully, everyone I've asked and come across speaks fluent English, so no real challenges there. I can't read most signs or food labels, but hey, that's what pictures are for right? Let's just make the milk a little more clear next time, Denmark. Despite everyone seeming relatively friendly, no one makes small talk, which is kind of hard to get used to. It's especially strange that the Danes don't smile at each other. You know, you walk into a train/subway/just randomly make eye contact with someone, you smile. Apparently that's not how it works here. I didn't realize just how much I do that until I came here and catch myself just smiling at people. Sorry if I scared you with my American ways, people.

I really like the city so far, and DIS seems really on top of things here and really encourage us to jump head first into getting to know our way around the city. Seriously, the made us find our own ways from day one. But anyways, classes start Thursday, and it will be interesting to see how those work, and if I can find my way around.

Big news of the day: I went grocery shopping. It was horrible. Ok, maybe not, but maybe yes. I went to the cheaper store first because my food stipend works there, buuuuuut that place is like Ocean State Job Lot, The Dollar Tree, and Market Basket all jumbled together to make one mess of an awful store. But it's cheap so I guess I'll suck it up. After a while I got sick of the crowds and the mess and went next door to super nice Irma, which is more expensive but like walking into a luxurious palace after Netto. I'm still trying to maneuver this whole cooking for myself business, but I'll manage somehow. I'd be more adventurous if I had my own kitchen to work with, but sharing a kitchen and having limited space to put stuff makes the cooking simple. But I have faith, kind of.

University of Copenhagen...I pretty much live on campus. 

Pedestrian walkway near school