Friday, August 31, 2012

r@mBl!nG 4 D@yZ

I have a large chunk of time on my hands without really anything of importance to do, so why not blog? I'd do some homework, but next week is core week, so I'll be ferrying off to Western Denmark for three days and then don't have regular classes when I return. So why start reading now if I'm just going to forget it a week from now? I'm so wise. I'm getting a little better at not stressing over the fact that I actually have free time. This whole free time while still being in college is a new concept to me, but I'm learning. AND I LOVE IT. I've decided that we, as in the world, needs to combine the European and American higher education systems to create a beautiful combination of learning. America is too intense, anddd the European, one assignment for the whole semester, seems, hmm I don't know, but combine them together and you get DIS. A nice blend of stress and time to experience life. Take note, Wheaton. But despite my brilliant suggestion, I'll return to Wheaton insanity in January. But until that time I'll just do some learning and eat more pastries.


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