Sunday, August 26, 2012

Weekend Festivities

I seriously feel like I'm living in 1999, you know, when we used to have to dial into the internet and then after a solid hour you could finally ask jeeves your burning questions. Or question, because another one would cost you another hour. Okayyyy, maybe I'm being dramatic, but seriously, the internet was better in Guatemala. That makes COMPLETE sense, right? This is only one of the richest countries in the world. Other than spotty, and sometimes painfully slow internet, my first weekend was quiet and relatively uneventful. I'm one step closer to being legal here though. yay. I also made some cool shoes. check it. 

So much craftiness in my life! LOL. Those gems were actually way more time consuming than anticipated, but a Saturday well spent. I also picked up my bike yesterday so now I can jet around with the Danes like a pro. Well kinda. I feel more than slightly pathetic that I get tired from biking around this flat city. Gotta work on the leg muscles. But it's a great way to get around in a short amount of time. Plus there is a basket on it, so on top of the efficiency, I'll look super presh. Just kidding, it's for practical purposes only. Like carrying around my puppy. And kittens. And occasionally my bunny. Now I just need the right key for my bike lock soooo hopefully no one steals my bike between now and tomorrow. That would make for one sad me. 

On this exciting Sunday I ventured to Kat's place of residence for some Ben and Jerry's. AMERICA. Double scoop of raspberry brownie and baked alaska. Solid choices on my part. Also, Kat didn't want to be photographed. Sorry I'm not sorry. 

Please note our bikes and baskets in the background

We also spent a lot of today struggling to get our week off travel plans down, becauseeee apparently life costs a lot of money that we don't have, soo our options are limited. So does anyone know anything about Switzerland? We'll see. The research continues. BUT Norway hiking is pretty much set so I'm super pumped since we've been talking about that trip forever. Can't wait to complain the whole way up. But I'm sure no matter what we actually do it'll be exciting and great so no stress. Although I am stressed that I've had so much free time in the last few days. Thanks, Wheaton. Now I'm actually stressed that I don't have so much work that I can barely stop to eat. THANKS FOR PUTTING THE FEAR OF SCHOOL IN ME. Alright, this is getting dramatic. First real week of school tomorrow. Wish me luck since I have to participate and whatnot. This is awful. No it's not, I'm in Copenhagen

Speaking of Copenhagen, here are some extra pics

these people love to bike

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