Thursday, August 23, 2012

First days and M&Ms

 I successfully survived the first day of classes! Go me. I went to my Holocaust and Genocide and Human Sexuality classes today, and they will definitely both be interesting in their own ways. We get to write a paper in my genocide class on any topic about any genocide we want, so as weird as it is to say, I'm actually kind of excited to find out more about Guatemala's genocide, since it's basically my favorite place in the world. I figure I might as well be informed about it and get credit all at the same time.   The workloads don't seem too crazy heavy, but I do know around midterms and finals time there will be a million things to do....but I guess this is still school, right? I'm just really scarred from last semester so I'm a little worried about diving right back into the books. But hey, my classes seem decent, soooo here goooeeessss. I think I'll save the fear for January.

I didn't have class until 1:15 today, and I got bored around 11, so I decided to wander over to the DIS area to try and find some of the random stuff I still needed to pick up. I made some pretty good finds at these home goods type of stores and was able to get myself some silverware and CRISPY M&Ms. I don't know if any you remember the crispy m&m from a million years ago but those things were MY FAVORITE, ANDDD they don't sell them anymore in the U.S. What's up with that America? I don't understand, but am really pleased that Denmark was smart enough to keep those bad boys around. I also bought some mini waffles from Holland, but have yet to try them. They are mini waffles, how can that possibly be bad? Answer: it can't.

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look at this handy sticker for sealing it shut. YOU SO SMART EUROPE

lunch from yesterday. Culinary GENIUS, right!?

In case anybody was worried I was going to starve, I can semi kind of maybe promise you I won't. I successfully cooked, or well it was a group effort...that group being Kat and Me, not that anyone was probably questioning that...anyways, we made ourselves a tofu, veggie, sweet and sour, spinach mix on a cheesy pita. I was too hungry to take a picture. Lo siento. Luckily enough we made enough for tonight, so that will be reconsumed over rice. yuum.

This is literally two steps outside my dorm

some of those white dots are swans. no big deal.

square/plaza right near DIS


Famous streettttt

Yesterday I was able to explore the city a little more, which was super awesome. I'm starting to really like it here, and am getting slightly more confident in being able to maneuver myself around various places. Although, I didn't navigate myself to the harbor yesterday, sooo just kidding. But I did get to see the most iconic little street thing of Copenhagen. Basically if you have ever goog imaged Copenhagen, that street and canal pops up. It's super cute in person so I'll definitely be returning for ice cream and nice scenery. Well I'm off to reheat dinner! Enjoy America.

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