Thursday, September 27, 2012

Copenhagen Facts

Ok, these aren't really facts, since I didn't consult anyone with any credibility or read any scholarly articles, but I made them up, so just kidding, they are facts.

It rains a lot here. In case you didn't know, the weather in more northern parts of Europe kind of sucks. It actually rains an obscene amount here. Plus, subfact of this fact, biking in the rain is one of the most terrible experiences of my life. Ok that's an exaggeration, there are much worse things in life, but this is my blog so I get to exaggerate all I want. Also, the rain does not stop the children from frolicking on the playgrounds. It could be pouring and windy and dark and the kids at the preschool across from my dorm are still swinging away. You go kids, swing on.

Peanut butter is hard to come by. I wish this wasn't true, since I actually eat an unreal amount of peanut butter on a daily basis. But when you do get lucky enough to find it, the Danish peanut butter is kind of weird and grainy. But there is a candy store that sells American goods like poptarts, swiss miss, peter pan peanut butter, and kernel season's popcorn seasonings lol. I can't escape the GC, I just can't. You have to sell your organs to get the beautifully smooth and creamy American peanut heaven, but who needs two kidneys anyways? Not me hopefully, since I traded one for a box of Aunt Jemima pancake mix. Was that a mistake? Should I not have done that?

Studying while studying abroad is difficult. The pressure may be off in terms of getting A's goes, but it seems as though I still have to actually attend school and do some work. This is not pleasing to me. It's way easier to go on a Copenhagen dessert crawl or watch another horrible Disney Channel Original Movie. DCOMS 4 lYF3. So if we could take the studying out of this whole equation, that would be ideal.

Copenhagen bikers are nuts. I'm not going to pretend like Danes have never rung their stupid little bike bells at me. Excuse me for walking on a pedestrian street, I did not realize I was getting in the way of your bike race to no where. I'm not bitter. I also forgot to hand signal one day. ONE TIME! It was one time. I'm also scared to go to the left side of the lane because people book it on their bikes. My legs are still struggling to maneuver this level turf, and all the people passing me have circled the city five times already without breaking a sweat.

Europeans don't enjoy color. Or well, maybe they do, I don't really know, but based off their outfits, I'm going to say black is this continent's favorite shade. I mean why would you want to wear bright colors in such a dismal weather and darkness?? That would just be wrong. If the sky is dark EVERYTHING MUST BE DARK. Just kidding, I guess they are just really sophisticated and chic? If I was in Gardner it would be more than acceptable to wear my tie dye tee with my tweety bird fleece pajama bottoms on the regs, but here I only get kroners thrown in my tea because apparently I give off the impression that I'm homeless. rude.

Dessert is always delicious. It seems to me that no matter where you are in the world, and no matter what kind of crazy dish is being served for dinner, dessert is always amazing. Denmark is no exception. There is literally a bakery on every other street corner with huge glass windows just tempting you to forget that you said you weren't going to spend money today. It's all so wonderfully magical, and it takes every ounce of self control I have to not stop for a cupcake to put on top of my pastry to then stick in my ice cream that is on top of belgian waffle that I stuck inside a crepe. My life is one big strugglefest.

Studying abroad is the greatest. 

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  1. I can't stress enough how hilarious and wonderful this post was. That is all.