Sunday, October 7, 2012

Adventures in the EU: Switzerland

Greetings all! Or should I say, Bonjour. I'm so cultured now, it's crazy. In case anyone is unaware, I just recently returned from my first travel break in Switzerland, Germany kind of, and Poland. It was great and all this traveling has just confirmed how much I love exploring new places.

So some quick facts about Geneva: there's no pollution at all, it's the most expensive place I've ever been (almost 25 dollars for a hamburger? no thanks), and it's absolutely gorgeous. We first noticed how clean and fresh the air was here...and I thought Denmark was good...and also noted the mountains, which I haven't seen in over a month, so it was a nice change in scenery. Nothing too exciting happened between the airport and the hostel, other than the fact that Switzerland is so rich that they just give away train tickets to anyone coming through the airport. Must be nice. We managed to get to the hostel with no problems and then just kind of meandered through the city for a couple hours. We made our way to the giant and iconic fountain of the city, which was crazy tall. Sure shoot upy fountains in the middle of bodies of water have no real point, BUT IT'S WATER SHOOTING REALLY HIGH IN THE AIR, IT NEEDS NO POINT. Sorry, I'm just really fond of water. Anyways, Geneva is basically in France so all the architecture has a ton of French influence. Some of it did remind me a little of Paris, especially all the windowy restaurants. And just like in Paris, I can't afford anything. Seriously though, we brought plenty of tuna packets and bought a baguette and apples at the grocery store. Classy people living classy lives.

The next day we had planned to do a seven mile hike along some vineyards a little outside of Geneva. I'm still not exactly sure how we made it to the beginning of that trail so effortlessly, but I guess European train transportation is just really great...or we are just expert world travelers. Probably the second one. LOL anyone who knows about our last day in Berlin knows that's not even close to being true. Don't worry that post is coming. Anyways, I don't have words for how beautiful and adorable this whole hike experience was. And tiring, but that's just a bonus detail. It was mostly presh because Kat and I were for sure the only people on this walk/hike under the age of fifty. I wish I could say that I'm surprised, but I'm really not. We would do something that apparently only seems to appeal to the middle aged. Sorry I'm not sorry. I would recommend that hike to everyone, you don't just have to be retired. But seriously, the scenery was absolutely breathtaking. We even got to walk through a couple little villages which were probably even cuter than Kat and me having a picnic lunch on a bench overlooking a vineyard and Lake Geneva. I know, it's hard to imagine anything cuter than that, but the villages just might win. Golly gee, Europe. Being our usual rebellious selves we stole some grapes from the vineyard along the way which were super delicious and a nice free snack for us broke children. Hey, you build a seven mile pedestrian path along your vineyards, you are just asking for the desperate college students of the world to come and eat your grapes. I'm just stating the facts. Highlight of my day was easily when we came across two Americans with their dog, Gus, and I got to pet him. I mean I guess the mountains and lake and vineyards were cool and whatever, but I mean come on, it's Gus. I was absolutely exhausted by the time we were done because I'm a super athlete, but I felt accomplished and generally awesome. Although I always feel awesome, so maybe that wasn't because of the hike. It's hard to tell sometimes.

That night we unfortunately had to move to a different hostel, meaning we had to tiredly do more walking, but I guess how can I complain since I was in Switzerland? We planned on going to find some Swiss chocolate after dropping our stuff off at our new hostel, buuuut we forgot for a minute that we were in Europe and everything closes down at noon. Ok that's an exaggeration, but we it wasn't even 8 o'clock yet, AND I JUST WANTED CHOCOLATE. Thankfully the airport opened up its chocolate shop at 6 am, so don't worry chocolate has been consumed. I bought a Lindt orange and milk chocolate bar for myself and had to conjure up a lot of will power not to eat that whole thing in one sitting in the past couple days. Best lindt I've ever had. Best hike I've ever....oh wait Guatemala was pretty legit too. I have no words over the fact that I can't decide if Guatemala or Switzerland was a more awesome hike. WHAT IS MY LIFE? I don't really know, but I'm sure not complaining. 

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