Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The hills are aliveeeee

'Ello. Majorly blog slacking lately. I apologize. Last Friday I returned from a week in Vienna, Austria with my European Clinical Psychology class. I know what you are thinking, my life is really difficult, right? To answer your question: yes. Just kidding, traveling around Europe is alright I guess. But to be honest, the whole experience in Vienna wasn't necessarily AMAZING. I mean, don't get me wrong, Vienna itself is super wonderful and amazing and magical, but who you travel with obviously has a huge effect on enjoyment. I'm dying to come back to Vienna with people I know better and also just to see more of Austria. My class is generally awful minus a select few, but given that my blog is public, I find it best I don't go into too much detail about why I spent a lot of time being annoyed. I hate generalizing people, I really do, but it often seems like the majority of people who have grown up very well off missed the memo about manners, respect, appreciation, and humility. I realize I'm not perfect and my personality is generally more easy going, but I don't know man, this week was some other kind of spoiled brat crazy. I mostly just needed to be out of a crowd setting for a while after that week. I have found that traveling is immensely better when you are with only a few people, so you can just decide to sit on a bench for a couple hours and people watch and no one gets too whiney.

But I don't want to dwell on the negatives of the trip, because I did love the city. It's so crazy beautiful, especially for a city and gahhhh I'm just obsessed. Since this was a trip with an actual class, every day we had one or two academic visits. These visits were usually to visit different types of therapists, which was cool, yo. We actually got to go to the U.S. Embassy and talk to the Embassy psychiatrist. It's really hard to get into the embassy, and you have to go through a whole typical United States like security business before you can enter the gates. They do have their reasons, I understand for sure, but it definitely felt like home lol. We also got to go to the Freud Museum, a couple art museums, the psychoanalytic society, plus more. It was a packkkeeddd week. I'm too tired to write about all of it, plus most of the visits would be kind of boring to write about anyways so, sorry.

While I was in Vienna I did get the opportunity to go to an opera and a chamber orchestra concert. Cultured, I know. The opera was about 2 hours too long, but still, it was a cool experience. I did actually enjoy the orchestra concert, though. The concert hall was gorg, and there really is nothing better than contemplating life with classical music playing in the background...while you are sitting in a golden concert hall in Vienna. Nothing. I made some solid life decisions in those two hours. Oh, Europe. I also now consider Vienna home to the best cake and hot chocolate of my life. We were told on our first day in the city that Cafe Demel on the main shopping square in the city had the best hot chocolate ever, so being a chocolate fan, I felt it my duty to test it out. IT WAS LIKE LIQUID NUTELLA. Plus with a side of truffle cake, oh my dear god. So good. I was in a bit of a sugar coma after and may or may not have thought I was actually going to throw it all back up, but worth it. Seriously so good. If you have no other reason to venture through Vienna, Austria, go for the cake.

This was probably the quickest recap of my life of one of the busiest weeks ever, but I'm lazy, and who wants to read every detail of my trip. Everyone, obviously because you are all so invested and interested in the minute details of my life, but alas, I must keep a bit of mystery about myself.

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