Wednesday, September 12, 2012


See what I did there? Actually, Viki came up with that one, I can't even pretend to take credit for that masterpiece. But now I'm actually back in mah city and getting back into a schedule...for a little while anyways. I actually ended up coming down with a cold as soon as I got back to the city, so I've had a kind of pathetic week. I spent the majority of Sunday in the same position on my bed, which I probably would have done even if I was healthy, who am I kidding. But I'm slowly recovering, and kinda sorta don't look like death anymore, so yay.

Last Saturday I took a weekend jaunt to the Frederiksborg Castle right outside of Copenhagen. I must say it was extremely fairytaleesque, and I plan on living there some day. The day started out with ice cream and pastries by the mote, which is always a good time. We then meandered through the castle grounds and gardens for a ridiculous amount of time. I honestly couldn't tell you what we did there for five hours, but we did find ourselves bench sitting a lot and just staring at the castle. It's kind of nice. We did attempt to stay for the sunset, but by about 7 the chill started to set in and somebody forgot a jacket. I'm not going to name any names, but let me just say, it wasn't me. Just kidding, I was really cold too, and hungry, so we peaced. Unfortunately, as we were on the train home we noticed that the sky was pink and gold and beautiful, sooo a return trip with warmer jackets has been planned.

Yesterday I attended an event for my buddy network (I actually hate the name, it makes us sound 2), which is basically a way to get to know young Danes. I was required to sign up for two immersion activities since my housing is with all Americans, and this was the only options really left. It was interesting to meet Danes my own age, although my Danish family is probably less than 10 years older than me...but that's besides the point. Since it was raining, the coordinator of our group suggested just going to talk in a bar down the street, but the other Danes wanted to go to some other bar that unfortunately allowed smoking. None of the Americans in the group smoked, but I don't think anyone really wanted to say anything so we just kinda went. I had to wash my hair twice to get the stink out ha.  But on a positive note, I had some interesting conversations with some people that I never would have met otherwise. It was really loud where we were so my English was a little lost on some at times, but they tried. I also experienced first hand the bluntness of the culture. One girl asked me outright how much I paid for school, and how I paid for it. Welllll, you know, financial aid, parents, and I only have one kidney now and part of my liver, but it's fine. But really, it did kind of catch me off guard, since I would never ask someone what or how they pay for school. But the Danish government pays for everything here, so I guess it's understandable to be curious about the crazy American education system. She also asked me if I was a democrat or republican. LOL. Good thing I don't actually know. I did find it interesting that apparently if Obama was thrown into the Danish political system, he'd be considered extremely conservative. I'M SO INFORMED NOW. Except I never got an absentee ballot. I suck as an American.

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