Sunday, June 17, 2012

Volcanos and Antigua

Guatemala, you the best. Seriously. I'm more in love every day with this place. This is by far the most amazing experience of my life. I feel like I spend most of this blog obsessing over Guatemala, but I just can't help it.

I'm having a hard time remembering what happened at placement Thursday and Friday, so probs won't be recapping much, or at all. On Friday, Kristen, Rachel, and Bri were getting ready to leave us, so most of us journeyed to the Volcan de Pacaya for a last adventure for those leaving. I was pretty traumatized by last week's hike, so trekking my way up a volcano didn't sound too great. Good thing they offered horses up the volcan. Laziness for dayzzz. Shame all the horses looked like they hadn't eaten in five years. Whatever, it got me up there, right? Poor caballo. Some brave souls decided to walk while the rest of us horsed it up the volcano. Kat and Ann had never been on a horse before so that was fun lol. Although, let's be real, I'm no pony expert, and may or may not have a slight fear of riding something with a mind of its own up the side of an active volcano, but, meh, details. All was fine (minus the sore butt) my horse just had a tendency to make its way to the edge. A lot. That tumble probably wouldn't have been too fun.

Once we made it to the foggy look out area we ditched the ponies and hiked by foot the rest of the way. The rest of the hike was the perfect combination of terrifying and amazing, just like everything I've done here. It's definitely been awesome getting out of my comfort zone. It's no cliche to say that this trip has changed my life. The views on the way up were really fantastic. The whole experience reminded me of either Mars or the Lion King wasteland business. So cool. I just kept thinking the whole time "is this real life?" Sure didn't feel like it. Thanks Wheaton, Mom, and Dad. I couldn't be more thankful for this amazing opportunity.

Anyways, we had to climb over volcanic rocks in the foggy cloudiness, until we reached the most awesome campfire of sorts, marshmallow roasting party evs. There's a little natural vent type thing where we were invited to roast some marshmallows. Made a smore on top of a volcano. no big deal. Snapped plenty of awkz pics up there with my colorful Guatemala mallows. So awesome. All mi amigas chillin in the U.S. right now, I'm dragging you with me next time.

After making smores and just kinda chillin on the top, it was time to trek back down. The sky started to clear a bit and we were treated to the most beautiful view ever. The volcan de agua stood majestically across from us, framed with big puffy clouds and the setting sun. Check that awesomeness on facebook fo sho. I'm debating whethere this or the Grand Canyon claims the top spot for the most amazingly gorgeous views of mah life. I'm thinking this might just take the cake. Can't believe this is real.

After the hike we drove back to the homebase to drop Kristen, Rachel, and Bri off and said our goodbyes. muy triste. Now Kat and I are just having an awkwardness explosion in our room by ourselves. Rachel seemed to reign it in a little.

Sidenote, saw two prostitutes on our drive back to the ciudad. It couldn't have later than 8 PM. Classy stuff, yo.

Antigua was next on the agenda. It was tough to really look around in the dark and we were exhausted, so after checking into our hostel, we ran across the street to a lovely little restaurant for dinner. Baseball and American music were playing. Hello tourist capital of Guatemala. Back at our hostel we met a really awesome woman named Laura who had spent the last two years traveling the globe. Jellin on your life, lady.

The next morning I just spent our day shopping, eating, and exploring the city with some wonderful people. Antigua is super precious and beautiful. There are really cute shops and restaurants everywhere (and gringos), so it was a nice change from Guate City.

We had a low key lunch at the Bagel Barn (Katie, you would have loved this place. And Antigua) and I had the most amazing pizza bagel with pesto and peppers. SO GOOD. Later, we made a stop for fresh made froyo. Such a solid day. Very relaxing and lovely....other than someone's struggles with travelers d. lol. so hilarious, yet also not. Only funny when you make an announcement about it bahahahaha. I'm gonna miss these people.

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