Wednesday, June 6, 2012


I'm feeling way too lazy for a legit post today so I figured I'd just upload a sampling of my pics! Enjoy!

PASTRIES! the small one is filled with Nutella (YES!!) and the other is a cherry danish. me gustan.

Yesterday's lunch, yo. those tortillas are to die for

The home base! yay! don't let the bars on the windows scare you too much. 

Resident pups. Unforch they are leaving soon.

Oh hey it's mah birthday month. this was muy horrible. 


View from the coffee plantation! This picture does not do the view justice AT ALL. Y'all just need to come see fo yoself ;)

muy caliente, no? ha. note the matching outfits. we are so presh. ..and may or may not give off the impression that we are a couple. oops. 


Group shot! Such a wonderful group of people!

My free coffee sample. Once I put coffeemate in it I LOVED IT

Blurry Antigua. This city is adorbs. I love it. 

Church? I don't actually know, but it was muy bonita. 

shacks on a hill, yo. 

pretty church across the street from a market we stopped at

This was super legit! Handmaking tortillas!

Bravely trying street vendor food! Muy delicioso.

Action shot of the eating process.

Our driver lives in this neighborhood. Shoot. 

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