Thursday, June 7, 2012

Day Seis!

Hola from mi lugar favorito en la casa, aka the outdoor patio. I think it's everyone's favorite place to sit and just read and write. Muy bien.

My morning with the ladies was pretty uneventful. We arrived right at the endish of breakfast, so I helped one woman eat her gross looking meal. That food looks downright nasty. The women take a mass amount of pills with their breakfast, and it took like a gallon of water for the woman I was helping to get her pills down. So when she ran out of water with a half a pill left to go, I asked if she wanted more water, but instead she told me to put it in some questionable white goop. Thinking she would eat the pill with the goop, I began to spoon it to her. Instead, she shook her head and told me she was done. ha. Sneaky, Gertrudis, very sneaky. So basically if she's dead tomorrow, blame me. It's casual, just helping old ladies hide their meds. Job well done.

Other than possibly endangering the lives of the elderly, I did a lot of chatting as usual. There's a young nun named Rebecca who I really like talking to. I can't understand a lot of what she says but she seems to like having someone around her age to talk with, because I'm assuming she's in her twenties. All I can say is thanks parents for legit raising me Catholic, or I'd be lying to a lot of people. Sure, Catholicism and me aren't the best of friends at the moment, but apparently saying that you are agnostic, atheist, etc, is not okay here, so therefore, I will be Catholic for the next two weeks. Rebecca even asked if I had a confirmation. Si. Such an upstanding Catholic. JOKES. I actually ended up watching a bit of a mass today with one woman, and in case you were wondering, everything is the same, just in Spanish. Can't even handle the variety.

I taught a couple women some words in English, which sounds way grosser than the Spanish equivalents. Yesterday Rebecca asked how to say sandía (watermelon) in English, which sounded awful after speaking in Spanish for so long. I mean pelo o hair. Which sounds grosser, let's be real. Although hey, yesterday some random woman waiting outside the hospital told Ann and me that our English was pretty. She was telling me that her daughter was learning English but didn't have the English accent that we had. Funny story since I was talking to her in my horrible Spanish accent. But I still appreciated her compliment. Thanks nice random lady.

On a final comical note, I met one of the super nice male nurses, Alexis (not sure how he actually spells it) and we were just talking about what I study in school and Antigua and other random things, including how to say nachos in English. Nachos. Same, yo. And sassy Betty (we have a love, hate relationship) gave me the eyes as if this probably late 20s, maybe 30 year old man and me were actually flirting. Lawlz. Broken Spanish and conversations about nachos are obviously supes romantic. Calm yoself, Betty. She told me he was trouble. God, mis amigas nuevas are really looking out for me. lol. I was actually dyingggg inside. Muy cómica.

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