Saturday, May 26, 2012

Summertime celebrations

So long Swelles, it's been real. Ok I didn't actually go there, but I visited frequently and someone with my name graduated yesterday, so it's basically like I did, right? RIGHT!!?? whatever. I might not have studied there, but I did get to witness my sister's four years studying and listening to the church bells play Harry Potter music. The music selection makes sense. So yesterday, surrounded by family and friends we watched as Jessica received her diploma...well technically her diploma holder but it's the symbolism of the event. Generally the ceremony was lovely. The procession in lasted a bit too long, but the two main speakers were great and hilarious and kept me interested. Once Jessica's name was called I may or may not have zoned out until the crowd started singing America the Beautiful. That wasn't cheesy or anything. AMERICA. But really, it was classy and all kinds of sentimental. There was also a lot of WOMEN ARE AWESOME talk. Job well done, Wellesley, you successfully converted the crowd into feminists. Watching my sister graduate got me thinking that in only 2 short years, that will be me. Well, let's hope so anyways. And though I find myself complaining about school more often than not, i know when graduation day comes around I'll definitely be sad. Despite not always wanting to admit it, Wheaton is my second home and I know I'll miss that tiny, tiny campus and mysterious food. Jokes, I'm never gonna miss the food. Except the soft serve machine. Oh man, what am I going to do without the option of soft serve whenever the heck I feel like it???? Life just got a little darker.

Julie's Grad/Birthday/Farewell Celebration


All the graduates!

She's a bachelor's degree smarter now!


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